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So far this year the weather has not been cold enough to cut Christmas trees, hopefully though nature will naturally adjust this shortfall in the very near future. How can you keep your Christmas tree fresh?  

I remember the days when we used to find a cardboard box, stick the tree in it and then fill the box with anything we could find to prop it up and weight it down so that it didn’t fall over.  


Of course it did fall over as regularly as clockwork,

every single day. This was very annoying…not what you want at Christmas, needles all over the floor and broken ornaments. Pants!   

                                      Wishing you a very Happy Christmastime.


At some point I think we invested in a tinsel tree which we kept in the attic and dusted off every year. Well this soon lost its lustre, was full of wire and bored us all to death and anyway it was made in China!  

 Some basic home truths below….

 Some hints to keep your tree in tip top condition