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The Makings of a Traditional Family Christmas at Bailey Ridge

This morning was typically manic again hurtling through the autumnal country lanes.  My window wipers were struggling to clear the driving rain and flying golden leaves.  From the front seat of my car the smell of wet panting Labrador mingled with the fragrance of warm steaming reindeer pooh sitting in a pot noodle mug.  It was minutes old and destined for Mark Newton-Clarks veterinary practice in Sherborne.  What fun!  

Alan teased that next year perhaps we should bring in a couple of penguins to add to our menagerie! I told him that penguins would need a snow machine and an ice rink! This comment seemed to check his enthusiasm.   As well as the ongoing health check of the reindeer there is also a lot to do in preparation for a traditional family Christmas here on Bailey Ridge.

The plantation where we grow our own Christmas trees will be ready for the hundreds of families who come to pick their own tree every year. Would be tree pickers can cut and take from the plantation or tag a tree with their name and return to cut it nearer Christmas ensuring that their tree is fresh for the holidays.

The farm nursery undergoes a major transformation after the mayhem of Pumpkin Pick. In the cabin store the funny costumes, broomsticks and terror teeth disappear into a cupboard to be replaced by fresh wreaths, seasonal hats, tinsel, and all the trappings for a glittering Christmas. Outside the lines of shrubs and herbaceous, trees and bedding plants are shunted around to make way for a forest of Christmas trees.

Up in the barn our elves are very busy behind the scenes hammering, sawing and creating more things than havoc and you can easily see how Santa’s workshop first began. At Bailey Ridge a new Santa’s grotto is in the process of being created and the refreshments area is coming together nicely.  

Every year we reopen the farm nursery on 1st February.  This Christmas we will again be sponsoring Reindeer Food in aid of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust

This year you will be able to enjoy a warm drink with a healthy snack or a warm mince pie under cover from the storms. As usual, children visiting Santa will be able to see his reindeer and sit in his antique sleigh.  Bailey Ridge Pick Your Own Family Christmas tree will be open from Saturday 24th November and will  close at 5:30 pm on December23rd.